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The end of the tax return?

Tax return completion and submission for people with simple tax affairs, most people would agree is overtly complex, and not something most people would look forward to doing.

Over the next parliament, there should be some big improvements in tax… Continue reading

Tax saving schemes

The personal tax year for 2014/15 is due to end shortly on the 5th April 15. If you have maxed out on your pension contributions and used your full ISA allowance, what options are available to a higher earner who… Continue reading

Accelerated payment notices go to Judicial review

There has been an interesting recent development around HMRC Accelerated Payment Notices.

Accelerated payment notices, which were introduced by last years finance bill, and are controversial because they require the taxpayer to make immediate payment of taxes requested and deny… Continue reading

HRMC withdraws controversial proposal

Previously we wrote about a controversial proposal by HRMC to make it an automatic criminal offence to hold any undeclared taxable income offshore.

It seems as though HMRC are backing away from this proposal, which many commentators have welcomed, as… Continue reading

Pension Tax Windfall

The Government may have next April and unexpected tax windfall. It is expected from April 2015,  people will be allowed to access their pension funds, under the new UK Pension reforms.

It is expected that people will be able to… Continue reading

Are HMRC getting more powerful?

The Inland Revenue were once the least least frightening of the all the UK tax authorities, lagging behind the VAT people who had inspection powers comparable to the police service.

Now that Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise have… Continue reading

Has your bonus been reclaimed?

If you have been paid a bonus and your employer reclaims it through your contractual obligations, rather than a breach of contract then you may be able to claim income tax relief of the amount reclaimed.

There has been a… Continue reading

Automatic exchange of financial information

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, OECD, an organisation which promotes policies which will improve the economic and social welfare of people around the world which has published, on the 21 July 14, a publication outlining the standards agreed… Continue reading

Have you used a tax avoidance scheme?

The Finance Bill has now received Royal assent and controversial accelerated payment notices are now law. This means from next month HMRC can issue accelerated payment notices to people HMRC consider have been involved in tax avoidance vehicles and demand… Continue reading

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