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Are HMRC getting more powerful?

The Inland Revenue were once the least least frightening of the all the UK tax authorities, lagging behind the VAT people who had inspection powers comparable to the police service.

Now that Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise have… Continue reading

Has your bonus been reclaimed?

If you have been paid a bonus and your employer reclaims it through your contractual obligations, rather than a breach of contract then you may be able to claim income tax relief of the amount reclaimed.

There has been a… Continue reading

Automatic exchange of financial information

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, OECD, an organisation which promotes policies which will improve the economic and social welfare of people around the world which has published, on the 21 July 14, a publication outlining the standards agreed… Continue reading

Have you used a tax avoidance scheme?

The Finance Bill has now received Royal assent and controversial accelerated payment notices are now law. This means from next month HMRC can issue accelerated payment notices to people HMRC consider have been involved in tax avoidance vehicles and demand… Continue reading

Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance is an all too common headline in the papers these days, it seems as though almost every celebrity is at it to some degree or another, while the man or woman in the street is struggling to make… Continue reading

Contracting during the World Cup

How should  Freelancers and contractors cope with the world cup?

The football world cup is just around the corner and the excitement is building for both football and non football fans alike.

The world cup give employers an added problem,… Continue reading

One thing wrong with the tax system?

One thing most people would agree on is tax is complicated. The detail of tax is where people will disagree and politicians spend an awful lot of time debating, amending, rewriting and tinkering with tax laws.

An aspect or idiosyncrasy… Continue reading

Fancy being your own boss?

Easter has now passed, the weather is getting better and the days are becoming longer and people tend to be thinking more about the future and new business ventures and job opportunities.

Maybe you are thinking of leaving your corporate… Continue reading

Tax Free Childcare

Childcare can be a headache for working people and every little bit of help with costs is appreciated by working parents.

HMRC currently offer a childcare vouchers scheme which will continue, but here is also a new scheme, Tax Free… Continue reading

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