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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Contracting during the World Cup

How should  Freelancers and contractors cope with the world cup?

The football world cup is just around the corner and the excitement is building for both football and non football fans alike.

The world cup give employers an added problem, should they allow staff time off to watch the matches, should they supply a room with a TV in it so staff can watch matches during work time or should they ignor it and try to carry on business as usual?

This time the  schedules have been reasonably kind to employers, being held in Brazil the matches will be held at times which have limited effects on a normal contractors working schedules. The only significant England group match which needs consideration is the Costa Rica match on the 24 June 14 which has a 5pm kickoff.

Is it better to be a contractor during the world cup?

A benefit of being a freelancer or contractor is the ability to be more flexible around how your work is undertaken.

As a contractor you normally have flexibility around the place of work, and methods of working plus control of how you undertake the task.

This should allow you to plan your world cup easily around your work commitments and hopefully England will stay in the competition longer than the knockout stage.