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What will 2013 bring for freelancers and contractors?

2012 was a year of tremendous economic uncertainty for all of us in UK plc.

Of the few people to benefit (or suffer to a lesser extent) was freelancers and contractors, as employers were often reluctant to commit to permanent headcount, especially in our area of London and Canary Wharf.

Permanent headcount is a big commitment which employers are reluctant to commit to, I have yet to find a business owner who enjoys recruiting people, add in the economic uncertainty, and this is a big positive for freelancers and contractors.

Whilst rates may not be great in 2013, there should be some good opportunities in the London and Canary Wharf job market.

Plus it is an opportunity to add to your skill set, so when economic growth returns and it will, you and your freelancer business are in a good position to exploit it.

Are you a web developer?

If you are involved in web development, designing websites or mobile applications then 2012 should have been a good year for you financially.

Salaries for freelance web developers rose by about 25% over the year, and this is expected to continue into 2013, there is a limited supply of good develpers and companies requiring a web presence is continuing to rise.

Web development is definitely a good field to be in, and one which any new entrant to the workforce should consider, with a good demand for these skill expected to continue and skill shortages expected in web development for the next five years.

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Is it a good time to be a freelancer or contractor?

Is there a glimmer of hope on the horizon for freelancers and contractors?

The economy is in a difficult place, post credit crunch, with growth stagnant and trouble brewing in the Eurozone. It is easy to become negative about the whole situation, but for those of us old enough, or for students of the dismal science, of which I am both, we know recessions come and go, and also when you are in one it feels as though nothing will bring you out of it. Continue reading