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Online Accounting systems

How are you wired?

I recently became the owner of a new blue Samsung Galaxy III smart phone, which I am now getting used to it, but I immediately found it a big improvement on my old Blackberry Bold, so much so that it made me reflect on how far smart phones or phones, have come over the last few years.

Fully functioning office in your pocket

Now it is possible for a contractor or freelancer to have a fully functioning office facilities, instant communication facilities in a 7cm gadget that fits into your coat pocket.

Online accounting systems

Accounting systems have moved on as well, gone are the days of buying an off the shelve box from WH Smiths for a couple of hundred pounds, and many hours of head scratching trying to get the programme and the figures to make sense.

Most progressive accounting firms have moved their clients accounting software online, so a client can have access to their accounts 24/7, often accessable through their smart phones.

Do you need Face to Face meetings?

Whilst all this technology is welcome, emails and phone calls can deal with most matters efficiently sometimes a face to face meeting with a person who understands your business, or when you are starting as a new contractor, is the only way to go, to give you the peace of mind more than any amount of electronic communication.

Maybe it is just the way that we are wired

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