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The importance of marketing your freelance business

With so many people now considering ‘going freelance’ rather than trying to compete for an ever-narrowing pool of conventional full-time jobs, there is also an increasing need for education on many aspects of life as a freelancer or contractor. Certainly, as important as it is to make use of the best-qualified accountants in London, like those of Freelancer Accounting (, in the management of your accounting and tax affairs, you’ll also need to ensure that a market exists for any new services that you offer.


Many new freelancers and contractors fail at even the most basic steps when they first go into business, with many of them confusing the terms ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’. For the sake of clarity, marketing involves the identification and reaching of certain segments of the population that may actually wish to invest in your products or services. There may be an overlap between the tactics used for sales and marketing, but the two disciplines are not the same.


The latter depends on a good standard of research of the existing market, so that you are aware in good time not only of your potential target audience, but also the basis on which they may choose products or services from you and for what cost. Contractor accountancy clients may decide that a market does not exist for their proposed product or service, or they may need to modify the service to suit demand. The right sales techniques are then used in the meeting of that demand.


There are all kinds of means by which those that use accountants for freelancers may market their business, in a world in which potential customers are constantly stimulated by wide-ranging online and offline media. The key to successful marketing lies in the identification of the most appropriate marketing channels for communicating the essence of your brand and services to your chosen audience. There is both an art and a science aspect to successful marketing as you pursue your target customers, with creativity being needed for relevant and attention-grabbing marketing and advertising, while interest and sales can be tracked by various sophisticated mechanisms.


Many forms of marketing exist that may be relevant at different stages of the life of a freelance business. These can include direct marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, ‘social’ marketing and more. In addition to making use of the best accountants in Reading and beyond, freelance businesses are urged to keep abreast of the latest marketing developments, as well as pre-empting, monitoring and researching changing demands from their existing customers to ensure maximum customer retention.


Effective marketing is a vital part of the grand scheme of running a freelance business. By using the right techniques and taking advantage of specialist accountancy services such as those of Freelancer Accounting (, freelancers and contractors can better ensure the sales that give them a healthy turnover.