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Interim management is increasing in demand in our changing and turbulent economy.

Change management and transformation programmes where businesses are reviewing and altering their structures and businesses in relation to the low/no growth economy we find ourselves in, is booming business.

It also can be seen as a fascinating career choice. To be successful at it you need to be resourceful, professional and experienced.

Often assignments include Change Management, Crisis Management and Strategy Development. It is definitely not for the faint hearted!

You will need to keep your skills relevant and be ready to hit the ground running. If this appeals to you, maybe interim management is a good career option. The financial as well as the intellectual rewards can be very tempting.

We appreciate the unique and challenging nature of a career as an Interim Manager, and act for a significant number of Contractors who pursue this career choice.

Freelancer Accounting has significant experience in working with Interim Managers and the accounting and taxation support they require.

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