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Health and Safety Consultants

So you want to be a health and safety consultant?

There are a variety of important roles that Health and Safety consultants get involved with, such as environmental health, safety, human resource consultation services, training, and various special projects.

Health and Safety is now an essential priority and responsibility of employers who must assess their workplaces for potential hazards which could affect employees safety.

A lot of Health and Safety work is outsourced to consultants and contractors as the work is so specialist in nature, plus there is the ever changing legislation to keep on top of as well as good practices to observe. Business owners often do not have these necessary skills to do this in-house.

It is definitely a good time to be involved in this area, and demand for consultants is expected to grow steadily over time.

Many Health and Safety consultants operate through their own Limited Companies, and enjoy the tax benefits and freedom of working this way.

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