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Contractor Accountancy Services

Large and small businesses engage contractors to undertake projects or specialist tasks, often when they don’t have access to the necessary skills and experiences inhouse, or can not afford to free up resource for the project duration. Specialist freelancers and contractors thus do an important function for the economy i.e. provide the oil which greases UK plc’s wheels, and are an important source of innovation and growth.

Freelancer Accountancy can provide you with contractor accountancy services so you can be a specialist contractor without worrying about your accountancy and tax.

Professor Andrew Burke of Cranfield business school puts freelancers at the heart of the 21st Century agility based economy where innovation is the most important driver of economic policy.

A specialist contractor will almost certainly earn more than as an employee. Many businesses will pay for external contractors to bring in specialist expertise for specific projects over a fixed period of time.

This creates a flexible workforce for the business and the specialist contractor enjoys interesting projects, flexibility and an absence of internal office politics. And also did I mention more money in your pocket? A win win situation for both parties!

Where do specialist contractors work?

Specialist contractors work in fields as diverse as oil and gas engineering, engineering contractors, IT consultants, interim managers, banking and financial services consultants, media and creative consultants, project manager contractors, aerospace contractors, health and safety consultants, and pharmaceutical and healthcare locums.

Contractor Accountancy for specialist contractors

If you are a specialist contractor and require contractor accountancy, you definitely should talk to us as we will be able to assist you with your accounting and taxation needs. We act for many specialist contractors and freelancers in London and the South East of England, give us a call you will be pleasantly surprised.

Local offices

Tax is often complicated and everyone situation is different. We have offices in London, Canary Wharf, Reading, Richmond and Guildford, tax is often complicated and sometimes only a face to face meeting will do. Contact us now so we can start helping you now

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